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Riparian & Waterfront Property Rights at September 2018 VMRC Meeting

September 29, 2018

This article gives a summary of the September 2018 Virginia Marine Resources Commission Meeting. Read the full article.

Pier at Buckroe Beach in Hampton

Riparian Rights for Establishing a Riparian Area Under Virginia Law

September 15, 2018

Virginia law entitles a waterfront property owner to exercise his or her riparian property rights only within the boundaries of the riparian area. Jim Lang explains how the size and shape of the riparian area is unique to each waterfront property. Read the full article.

Man on a boat over looking a barge

Virginia Maritime & Admiralty Law Regarding Derrick Barges

September 8, 2018

Derrick barges, widely used in Hampton Roads, are considered a "vessel", creating a complex maze of legal exposure for the employer if an employee is injured while working on the barge. Tom Berkley explains how employers can manage this exposure. Read the full article.

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Riparian Rights Explained - What Are Riparian Rights in Virginia?

September 1, 2018

Jim Lang explains the value of the riparian property rights held by waterfront property owners. He defines riparian property rights, describes how waterfront property lines are formed, and offers tips for people buying waterfront property. Read the full article.

jim lang oyster cages aquaculture vmrc 2018

VA Riparian & Waterfront Property Rights at August 2018 VMRC Meeting

August 31, 2018

This article provides a summary of the August 2018 Virginia Marine Resources Commission meeting. Read the full article.

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Balancing Virginia's Riparian Property Rights & Aquaculture Activities

August 25, 2018

Bryan Peeples notes how Governor Northam formed a work group to try to address the conflicts between waterfront property owners and oystermen, which have increased due to improving water quality and the introduction of "off the bottom" aquaculture. Read the full article.

Riparian Property Rights vs Oyster Aquaculture

Waterfront Property Owners: Riparian Rights & Oyster Aquaculture

June 6, 2018

"Off the bottom" oyster aquaculture, if not carefully controlled, interferes with riparian property rights and reduces the values of waterfront property. Read the full article.

norfolk elizabeth river map

Elizabeth River in Norfolk, VA - Waterfront Property Fight

April 6, 2018

Water and environmental attorney Jim Lang discusses conflict between waterfront industry and residential development on Norfolk's Elizabeth River in his white paper "The Fight for Waterfront Property on Norfolk's Elizabeth River." Read the full article.


Legal Remedies Available To Persons Who Are Injured Or Whose Property Is Damaged By 94,000 Gallons Of Aviation Fuel Released At Naval Air Station Oceana

May 11, 2017

On May 11, 2017 the Navy announced that approximately 94,000 gallons of jet fuel (JP-5) were released from a bulk “fuel farm” at Naval Air Station Oceana.  The spilled fuel leaked into a waterway that Read the full article.

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