Virginia Waterfront Property & Riparian Rights Lawyer Testimonials

"Your presentation (plus Tom’s) was one of the most important educational sessions I’ve attended in my 30+ years in real estate. I sincerely value your good advice."
Betty Moritz Associate Broker, BHHS Towne Realty
"I am so very grateful for Bryan Peeples help with my elderly mother’s difficult tenant. Bryan took action and promptly defused a potentially dangerous situation. I trust Bryan and highly recommend him."
Linda W.
"Mr. Bryan Peeples was extremely helpful in contacting the Navy and persuading them of our request. He called them, and then drafted a letter, and the result was approval. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs to interact with the Navy . . ."
Hezekiah D.
"Thank you so much Bryan Peeples, attorney for Pender and Coward for representing my company in a legal matter. The situation was handled in a timely, professional way and we are so happy with the positive outcome!! We would highly recommend Mr. Peeples and the firm of Pender and Coward to anyone needing sound, legal representation. Great job!!!"
Gary S.
"Hi Jim and Jeff, Yay!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! . . . I can't tell you how relieved I am and how much I appreciate your efforts on our behalf! . . . Jim and Jeff, we always were confident that we found, not only the right attorneys in you, but also true advocates for our case. Thank you so much for your diligence and for the thoughtful and thorough way you represented us!"
Mary S.
"Jim has always given us the attention that I would have previously assumed a lawyer would only provide for a client with a high number of billable hours. He takes the time to explain complex issues and treats us with sincere respect. We have found our long term counsel to help us navigate life."
Stephen S.
"Mr. Lang came highly recommend to me from a business colleague. He provided me with prompt, accurate and effective legal services regarding restructuring several of my companies. He listened to what my objectives were and provided sound advice. He is a rare commodity in the legal profession in that he truly listens to his clients and looks at all aspects of the case. I highly recommend Mr. Lang and his team."
Cheryl H.
"Jim has worked with our company for more than six years. I have always found him to have outstanding integrity, a strong commitment to our company, an extraordinary understanding of the law and the resources to bring forth the best legal advice to our complicated business needs. Our small business is stronger due to Jim Lang being our professional, legal advocate."
"Jim Lang represented my company in the Chesapeake Circuit Court for a heavy equipment manufacturing defect. His engineering background and perseverance provided him with a keen ability to find qualified expert witnesses. Our case was settled favorably one day prior to court after many months of litigation and depositions."
Phillip T.
"Jim Lang has represented my company and myself in litigation several times. These were events that occurred at years of doing business of no fault of my own. I can not express the relief of having Jim by my side. The courtroom is not a place I like to find myself. He was very knowledgeable, professional, and understanding. He explained all my options and even what was going to occur before it happened. He knew what opposing council was going to do like as if he read their notes. I never at any time felt my decision for him to represent me was a wrong decision. I know sometimes life has a way of creating issues beyond your control. These issues can be handled in and a lot of times out of court. I know as long as James (JIm) Lang is my attorney I sleep better at night for those what if's life sometimes throws at you."
David M.
"Jim has provided legal counsel for my company for years. Jim is more than just an excellent attorney, he is also a valued and trusted business advisor. I have always found Jim to be very responsive and his ability to review literally hundreds of documents and quickly determine the relevant facts and get to the heart of the matter is a core strength. He has also been able to leverage his background and experience to provide us with business advice to not only help us grow our business, but also avoid some major pitfalls. I highly recommend him."
Eric D.
"I met Mr. Lang a few years ago when I was in need of an attorney . . . (one of my friends referred him). Since that time I not only have I used Mr. Lang for my personal legal issues, but also my business legal issues. He reviewed and updated my contracts, he's helped with an employee / labor board issue (we won!), and any and all other issues I've had (legally). He has always been very professional in every instance, and always returned my phone calls in a timely manner. I have referred all my friends and family to him too! Just an all around great guy!"
John H.
"I am very happy with the legal work that Jim Lang has provided to me and my business. I have used Jim for many business questions and personal issues also. Whenever asked about legal questions I always recommend talking with him. We have used him for about five years."
Rick P.
"We have worked with Mr. Lang several times in the past 2 years. He was always very professional and provided superior service. He always follows up even after transactions are completed to make sure everyone is happy. Highly recommend!"
Erica S.
"My company has engaged Jim and his firm, Pender & Coward on multiple occasions in the past few years. Our primary engagement was for business and government contracting concerns and Jim provided us with prompt, accurate and effective legal services in all cases. He is responsive and has a keen ability to understand the issues. When we were in need of a specialist his firm has a deep bench of legal talent to draw from. I will continue to reach out to Jim as my first choice for legal services."
Kelly T.
"My husband, Paul, and myself cannot say enough good things about our experience with Pender and Coward. We worked with James Lang and Jeff Wilson on a rather complicated issue that we were not sure we could get a solution to. However, because of their professionalism, their vast knowledge and the ease with which they worked with us, it ended up to be a great success story. They were able to handle something a bit out of the norm and helped us achieve our goal without the issue escalating. They listened and actually heard us and their communication was always immediate and personal. We can't thank them enough. They lifted a huge weight off our shoulders and we are forever grateful."
Louisa F.
"Jim Lang, of Pender and Coward, has been invaluable in his research, investigation, and communication between agencies, regarding our environmental issues. My husband and I were a bit wary of lawyers, but did not have the expertise to tackle this problem. Jim turned out to be a very happy surprise and a most comfortable fit. We would recommend him and his firm to anyone who needs legal assistance."
Linda F.
"Trust and heart are the two words that I will use to describe working with Jim Lang. I trust Mr. Lang to do a great job for me, and let me know up front what my legal fees will total. In the past, he has given me the option to do some of the legal work myself in order to stay within my budget. Mr. Lang also has a heart. He understands life's many ups and downs. I felt that he was really on my side, that he was concerned about me, and how I was doing with my new business. Mr. Lang is an outstanding lawyer but more importantly, Mr. Lang is a good man. I highly recommend him."
Liz R.
"Our homeowners' association originally hired Pender & Coward to represent us in our bid to obtain additional pier slips for our community pier located on the Potomac River in Lorton, Virginia. Even though we live in Northern Virginia, and he is located in Virginia Beach, Jim Lang came highly recommended as an expert in riparian rights. Suddenly and unexpectedly a resident and member of the homeowners’ association who did not have one of our boat slips assigned to him sued the association to take away everyone’s boat slip. Pender & Coward rose to the occasion. Jim brought in another excellent attorney from the Pender & Coward Waterfront Property Law team, Jeff Wilson, and together they tackled every motion and demand the other side threw at us. They are brilliant. They know the law inside and out. They are kind, forthright, tireless and masters in the courtroom. The distance they traveled to court was never an issue and compared to legal rates in Northern Virginia, we saved a considerable amount of money. Best of all, after a hard fought three-day trial in Fairfax County Circuit Court...we won!"
Ann Poloncak
"Jim Lang has been working with us for two years dealing with a host of complicated issues stemming from our Northern Virginia location on the Potomac River. Jim, Jeff Wilson, and the Pender & Coward team have represented our Home Owner's Association and then members individually as the issues became increasingly complicated. What started as our collective interest in securing additional slips for the community pier turned into a series of disputes with a disgruntled member of the association. Claims of contract violations, trespassing, easement disputes were thrown at the association and the individual homeowners in a relentless series of hostile actions spanning the two years.

Throughout this legal morass, Jim and Jeff dealt with one novel issue after another with skill and aplomb, staying ahead of the plaintiffs at every legal turn and keeping us informed and calm during what can only be described as a community-wide nightmare. Watching Jim, Jeff and the other Pender & Coward attorneys and support staff perform gave us the confidence that in the end we would prevail.

AND WE DID! Every important issue was decided by the court in the community's and homeowners' favor.

This whole episode was clearly an attempt by a homeowner experiencing buyer’s remorse to bring the association to its financial breaking point so that the merits would not be the deciding factor in the final outcome. Jim was mindful of our financial limitations and did everything possible to minimize legal costs. Pender & Coward also worked with the association’s insurance company to reimburse the bulk of our defense fees.

Thank you Jim and Jeff. You are great lawyers and great people.
Jim and Wendy M.
"My local County government was allowing my next-door neighbors to overextend the use of their property rights to the point that they were infringing upon my property rights. I sought the services of Bryan Peeples, of the Pender & Coward Law Firm. Bryan represented me before my County’s Board of Zoning Appeals, the Planning Commission, and the Board of Supervisors. Bryan also served me as my defense attorney in General District Court against a frivolous and harassing lawsuit made by the same next-door neighbors. Bryan is an excellent attorney. I trust him! He is professional, friendly, knowledgeable and straight-forward. I highly recommend Bryan to anyone in need of legal representation. Bryan, My sincere thanks to you for everything you have done for me. Outstanding Job!"
Jeff O.