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Leading Virginia Oyster Aquaculture Legal Services

Jim Lang Waterfront Law, a division of Pender & Coward, is the only law firm in Virginia with a dedicated, four-attorney, waterfront property law team. Oyster aquaculture has many benefits and is a large part of Virginia’s economy and environmental preservation. Over the years, oyster farms and waterfront property owners have faced many conflicts arising out of leases for submerged bottom land used for oyster planting grounds, and out of proposals to install floating aquaculture in waters above leased planting grounds. Our waterfront law team has experience with many of these cases. 

Our firm is dedicated to protecting the riparian rights of waterfront property owners, and has handled cases before the Virginia Marine Resource Commission (VMRC) and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Our deep ties in the industry allow us to provide as many resources as possible to give our clients an advantage. For this reason, clients throughout Virginia seek us out. 

If you have any questions or concerns about oyster aquaculture, or if you are in a similar situation and are concerned about your riparian rights, feel free to contact our Waterfront Law team. Our team is ready to tackle any situation at hand.


Our Waterfront Law Team’s Oyster Aquaculture Case Experience

Our leading waterfront law team has successfully represented waterfront property owners before the Virginia Marine Resource Commission (VMRC). 

Potential oyster aquaculture cases that may arise include, but are not limited to:

  • Oyster farmers applying to lease an oyster planting ground
  • Oyster farmers being prosecuted in court for improper oyster harvesting practices and potentially having their licenses revoked 
  • Waterfront property owners advocating at the VMRC for the agency to deny a permit for floating aquaculture cages.


Recent Oyster Aquaculture Case Victory

Jim Lang Waterfront Law has extensive experience handling oyster aquaculture cases and protecting our clients’ riparian rights. 

Our leading riparian rights legal team helped a waterfront property owner persuade the Virginia Marine Resources Commission to deny a permit submitted by a large industrial concern to install a 10-acre field of floating oyster cages. These cages would have been adjacent to our client’s property, and could have infringed on their riparian rights and potentially devalued their waterfront property. Our victory was able to preserve our client’s valuable riparian property rights (studies show that riparian property rights account for 25% to 45% of the value of residential waterfront property).


Useful Oyster Aquaculture Case Resources

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