Piankatank River Waterfront Property Law Case Examples

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Riparian Rights: Waterfront Property Virginia

Jim Lang and his team at Pender & Coward, P.C. work hard to protect the rights of Virginians who live, work, and play on the 3,285 square miles of water in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Jim and his team have decades of experience taking care of people like you throughout Virginia in all matters related to waterfront (riparian) property rights, maritime & admiralty law, and environmental law.

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Legal Services for Piankatank River Waterfront Property Owners in Virginia

The Piankatank River is located on the Middle Peninsula between the Rappahannock and York rivers. The Piankatank is primarily a tidal river of the Chesapeake Bay. History buffs know the river as the site of numerous Civil War battles. More recently, the Piankatank has been named one of several Chesapeake Bay tributaries to be targeted by state and federal authorities for large-scale efforts to restore the once-bountiful oyster population. Our teams’ extensive knowledge of waterfront (riparian) property rights law, maritime and admiralty law, and environmental law has helped clients all across Virginia.


Examples Of Our Team Defending Piankatank River Property Owners

Helped Our Client Get Their Pier Approved by the United States Army Corps of Engineers

We represented a client that wanted to build a pier, but their permits were caught in the system with the United States Army Corps of Engineers. During the Joint Permitting process, a neighbor was fighting it. Jim Lang connected with the right people, put together a package and got the permit pushed threw.

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Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act

Environmental litigation, including advocating for a shipyard owner in a dispute involving the Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (“CERCLA”). Under CERCLA, multi-million dollar clean up costs may be retroactively imposed for hazardous substances disposed of years ago, even if the disposal was done by a previous owner at a time when it was perfectly legal.

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Maritime Equitable Easement

Property disputes, including the defense of a claim for a maritime equitable easement asserted against a shipyard.

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Industrial Sized-oyster Operation In Scenic Milford Haven

Appearing before the Virginia Marine Resources Commission and asserting claims at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers on behalf of waterfront residential property owners who oppose the construction of an industrial sized-oyster operation in scenic Milford Haven, the site of a Revolutionary War naval battle and a highly popular tourist destination.

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We Protect Your Waterfront Property, Maritime, and Environmental Rights

These represent just a few of the many instances in which Jim and his team have assisted clients on or near Virginia’s waterways. If you have a legal issue pertaining to any Virginia waterway, call Jim Lang and his team at (757) 502-7326 or email him at: jlang@pendercoward.com.

Piankatank River / Janice Vogel, Mathews, Virginia


Waterfront & Riparian Rights Law Experience With Virginia Waterway

We work in one of the longest and most diverse coastlines in the world - 7,213 miles – over three times the distance between Virginia Beach and San Diego. Virginia is also home to numerous rivers and tributaries, and a great variety of wetlands. These waterways include:

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Serving Commercial and Residential Property Owners on the Piankatank River

The Piankatank River is a 24.4-mile-long river in the U.S. state of Virginia. Located on the Middle Peninsula, between the Rappahannock and York rivers. The Piankatank is primarily a tidal river of the Chesapeake Bay. The head of the river meets with the mouth of Dragon Swamp. Bordered by Mathews and Gloucester counties to the south and Middlesex County to the north, the Piankatank is crossed only by Virginia State Route 3 approximately 8 miles upriver of its mouth.

Neighboring cities and small populated areas to the Piankatank River - Gwynn, VA; Kilmarnock, VA; Deltaville, VA; Mathews, VA; Gloucester Courthouse, VA; White Stone, VA; Urbanna, VA; Irvington, VA, Saluda, VA; Stingray Point, VA; Hallieford, VA; Grimstead, VA; Grinels, VA; Ruark, VA; Hardyville, VA; Cricket Hill, VA; Redart, VA; Amburg, VA and Hudgins, VA