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Leading Virginia Wetlands Legal Services

Jim Lang Waterfront Law, a division of Pender & Coward, is the only law firm in Virginia with a dedicated, four-attorney, waterfront property law team. After completing law school, Jim Lang went back to pursue an advanced legal degree in environmental law (or an LL.M., Environmental Law), which included wetlands law. As part of that, he completed a thesis that was published in a nationally recognized environmental law journal.

Jim Lang’s leading environmental law knowledge, along with his team’s extensive experience, has helped exonerate clients, protect homes, and clear waterways. If you are considering conducting any type of construction activity in the Tidewater area or any other part of Virginia, it’s important to determine if you are building on wetlands, and our team can help with the permitting process. 

Whether or not you’ve already been charged with a violation, we recommend contacting our team and seeking legal counsel.  Although no two cases are alike, an experienced attorney can mean the difference between a large fine and a dismissed case.


Our Waterfront Law Team’s Wetlands Case Experience

Jim Lang Waterfront Law has handled a variety of wetlands cases involving tidal and non-tidal wetlands. Wetlands can be complicated to navigate with issues that range from difficulty acquiring a permit to unknowingly filling land that was a wetland.

Other potential cases include, but are not limited to:

  • Fighting to fill in wetlands to establish a better stormwater infrastructure system
  • Exonerating a client who unknowingly filled in wetlands and was charged with violating wetlands law
  • Forcing a waterfront property owner to remove their “floating junkyard” through wetlands law violations


Recent Wetlands Case Victory

Our waterfront law team has deep experience handling wetlands cases and protecting our clients’ riparian rights.

In February 2020, we defeated a federal court challenge brought for the purpose of invalidating the wetlands permit our client received from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Winning the case upheld the permit and cleared the way for installation of a multi-million dollar stormwater infrastructure system that will eliminate flooding in a neighborhood of 250 homes.

In 2019, we represented a contractor charged with violating the wetlands law.  In a companion case, a co-actor received a fine and was forced to purchase credits in a wetlands mitigation bank, all at a cost of $30,000. Our client was exonerated.

In 2016, we used the wetlands law, and other environmental laws, as the basis of a federal lawsuit that forced a wrongdoer to remove a “floating junkyard” of 35+ vessels from the river next to our client’s property. (Part 1 & Part 2

In 2015, we saved a client from being criminally charged for violating the wetlands law when Jim Lang, his lawyer, got into the river to install a turbidity curtain. 


Useful Wetlands Case Resources

Would you like to learn more about wetlands cases? We’ve created some helpful resources that further explain your rights.

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Environmental Law Eliminates a Floating Junkyard Part 1 & Part 2

Our waterfront law team worked tirelessly to clear a blocked waterway, and used a variety of measures to ensure our client’s victory.



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Wetlands Case Client Testimonials

Our Waterfront Law team is here to help with your wetlands case. We’ve worked with clients across Virginia to protect their riparian, maritime and environmental rights.


"Thank you so much Bryan Peeples, attorney for Pender and Coward for representing my company in a legal matter. The situation was handled in a timely, professional way and we are so happy with the positive outcome!! We would highly recommend Mr. Peeples and the firm of Pender and Coward to anyone needing sound, legal representation. Great job!!!"

- Gary S.


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Although no two cases are alike, click on the links above to see examples of our work helping Virginians in the waterways of Virginia. We’re standing by and ready to help navigate your unique situation - Schedule Your Consultation Now.