Beachfront home in Sandbridge, Virginia
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Trusted Virginia Waterfront Property Law Services

If you have a problem at your waterfront property, beachfront property, lakefront property, riverfront property, property that is "hydrologically connected" to a water body, or you have a problem associated with operation of watercraft, Jim Lang and his team of attorneys can help. They have years of experience helping people on, in, or adjacent to a body of water in Virginia. From wetlands to rivers to deep water, they have experience and knowledge that literally spans the entire waterfront.

Neighborhood Homes On The WaterHomes on the marshes of Tangier Island, Virginia
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Jim and his team use their experience in waterfront property law to help people like you fight to keep large businesses from setting up big, ugly oyster farms in the water in front of their property. They have the training in environmental law to defend wetlands owners against the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the Army Corps of Engineers (ACE) and the local Wetlands Board. They know how to draw the waterfront property lines that create a riparian area in which a waterfront property owner can build a pier. They worked with the Virginia Marine Resources Commission (VMRC) and the City of Norfolk to clear out a floating boat junkyard that was harming the Elizabeth River and destroying the value of a client’s riparian property rights. They also use their background in maritime & admiralty law to protect both shipbuilders and vessel owners. Jim’s team has helped pier owners on the Potomac, homeowners on the Eastern Shore, and vessel owners on the James River.

Jim Lang and his team care about Virginia’s waterways beyond purely legal matters. They work with private groups, such as The Elizabeth River Project, Lynnhaven River Now, Citizens for a Better Eastern Shore, and the Chesapeake Bay Foundation to clean and protect waterways in Virginia.

Contact Jim and his team when you need help solving any type of problem involving the water in Virginia.