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Jim Lang Waterfront Law, a division of Pender & Coward, is the only law firm in Virginia with a dedicated, four-attorney, riparian property rights law team. Jim Lang has an advanced legal degree in environmental law, and studied specific environmental laws applicable to poultry farms, such as the Clean Water Act, Clean Air Act, and the Resource, Conservation and Recovery Act. As a result, Jim Lang and our experienced legal team has successfully handled a wide range of environmental lawsuits, including defense of enforcement actions against clients that were brought by environmental regulatory agencies or brought by citizen's environmental lawsuits. Our team, in addition, has successfully prosecuted a citizen's environmental lawsuit.

Our firm knows how to handle cases involving pollution of groundwater and surface water, and odors coming from poultry farms.

If you are concerned about the issue of groundwater contamination on the Eastern shore, your local poultry farm, or another waterfront-related environmental issue, contact our team. We are ready to hear you out and help.


Our Waterfront Law Team’s Poultry Farms Case Experience

Our leading waterfront law team is experienced in defending both sides of environmental citizen’s lawsuits on both the plaintiff’s side and the defendant’s side. Fishermen, companies that operate in the hospitality industry, and waterfront property owners, should monitor cleanliness of water in creeks, rivers, and the Chesapeake Bay.  Everyone should monitor cleanliness of groundwater and the amount of groundwater available to support the needs of the community.

Potential poultry farms cases that may arise include, but are not limited to:

  • Pollution of groundwater and surface water
  • Nitrogen runoff
  • Large quantity water usage tapping limited resources and depleting aquifers


Useful Poultry Farms Case Resources

Would you like to learn more about poultry farms cases? We’ve created some helpful resources that further explain your rights.

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Large Poultry Farming Operations Harm the VA Eastern Shore Environment

Poultry farming is a large employer on the VA Eastern Shore. Our team of environmental lawyers discuss different methods to fight for environment protection from poultry farms.


Poultry Farms in Virginia - Eastern Shore Environmental Impact on Chicken Farming

Looking at two different studies analyzing the effects of nitrogen runoff, we analyze the results and what if means for VA’s Eastern Shore.



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