Chickahominy River: Virginia Waterfront Property Law Case Examples

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Riparian Rights: Waterfront Property Virginia

Jim Lang and his team at Pender & Coward, P.C. work hard to protect the rights of Virginians who live, work, and play on the 3,285 square miles of water in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Jim and his team have decades of experience taking care of people like you throughout Virginia in all matters related to waterfront (riparian) property rights, maritime & admiralty law, and environmental law.

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Legal Services for Chickahominy River Waterfront Property Owners in Virginia

Named after the Chickahominy Indian tribe, the Chickahominy River is in the eastern portion of Virginia, and is 87 miles long. While the upper portion is narrow and prone to flooding, the lower portion is a popular spot for recreational sports. Chickahominy River is open for boating, waterskiing, and fishing, and is close to Walkers Dam and Chickahominy Lake. Chickahominy River is located near Guilford Heights, Eastover, Claybank Landing, Sunken Meadow Beach, Tettington, Wakefield, Mount Pleasant, The Row and Heritage Landing, Virginia. 


Our teams’ extensive knowledge of waterfront (riparian) property rights law, maritime and admiralty law, and environmental law has helped clients all across Virginia.

Examples Of Our Team Experience Defending Mill Creek Property Owners

Challenging Easement Claims for Right to Build Boat Ramp

Our client owned a boat ramp that was challenged by their neighbors. The client's neighbors claimed implied easement, and asked the boat ramp to be removed. Our team protected our client's exclusive rights and allowed them to keep their boat ramp.

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We Protect Your Waterfront Property, Maritime, and Environmental Rights

These represent just a few of the many instances in which Jim and his team have assisted clients on or near Virginia’s waterways. If you have a legal issue pertaining to any Virginia waterway, call Jim Lang and his team at (757) 502-7326 or email him at:

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Waterfront & Riparian Rights Law Experience With Virginia Waterway

We work in one of the longest and most diverse coastlines in the world - 7,213 miles – over three times the distance between Virginia Beach and San Diego. Virginia is also home to numerous rivers and tributaries, and a great variety of wetlands. These waterways include:

Although no two cases are alike, click on the links above to see examples of our work helping Virginians in the waterways of Virginia. We’re standing by and ready to help navigate your unique situation - Schedule Your Consultation.


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