Tom Berkley

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An experienced advocate for waterfront businesses, Tom has represented clients throughout the Chesapeake Bay watershed and along the coasts of rivers, sounds, and bays of Virginia and Northeast North Carolina for decades on a variety of maritime and employment issues. Reach him at (m) 757-572-2657.

Posts from Tom Berkley

Solving the Dilemma Caused by a Large Abandoned and Derelict Vessel Dumped Next to Our Clients' Pier

June 11, 2024

Clients turned to the Waterfront Law Team after someone sank and abandoned an 82-foot former U.S. Navy vessel in the Little Wicomico River, right next to their pier. In a remarkable result, one of our attorneys, Tom Berkley, persuaded the Virginia... Read the full article.

Fisheries Management in Virginia

July 20, 2022

Fisheries management in Virginia is imperative to protecting saltwater fisheries in our tidal waters. Read on to learn more about the agencies and resources that help ensure the conservation of our waterways. Read the full article.

Brown Water Seamen And The Stowaway Virus: Coronavirus Precautions

May 1, 2020

Brown water seamen have "maintenance and cure" rights, but Coronavirus may encourage employers to adopt proactive measures to protect crewmen and to avoid financial repercussions. Read the full article.

Helping At-Risk Citizens During COVID-19 Stay-at-Home Order

April 24, 2020

Jim Lang and the Waterfront Law Team volunteered as part of the Shore Delivery Corps helping at-risk citizens of the Eastern Shore of Virginia during the coronavirus shutdown. Read the full article.

Waterfront Law Team Volunteers at Hoffler Creek Wildlife Preserve

March 19, 2020

On March 14, 2020, Jim Lang and the Waterfront Law Team helped resurface a trail at the Hoffler Creek Wildlife Preserve in Portsmouth, VA. Read the full article.

Exploring Environmental Law Issues at Virginia's Eastern Shore

July 19, 2019

Virginia's Eastern Shore is facing environmental issues, such as oyster farming, and riparian property rights lawyer Tom Berkley is here to give you the scoop. Read the full article.

Deciphering Navigational Warranties in Marine Insurance Contracts of Adhesion

May 20, 2019

Maritime and Admiralty Law attorney (and licensed insurance agent) Tom Berkley explains the Navigational Warranty Clause in Marine Insurance Contracts Read the full article.

Protecting Your Virginia Riparian Property Rights & Derelict Vessels

February 15, 2019

Tom Berkley explains how Virginia and several Mid-Atlantic States, as well as the District of Columbia, enacted laws that streamline a waterfront riparian property owner’s ability to remove and dispose of derelict vessels dumped at the shoreline. Read the full article.

Virginia Maritime & Admiralty Law Regarding Derrick Barges

September 8, 2018

Derrick barges, widely used in Hampton Roads, are considered a "vessel", creating a complex maze of legal exposure for the employer if an employee is injured while working on the barge. Tom Berkley explains how employers can manage this exposure. Read the full article.