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Leading Virginia Waterfront Property Legal Services

Jim Lang Waterfront Law, a division of Pender & Coward, is the only law firm in Virginia with a dedicated, four-attorney, waterfront property law team. We cater to the needs of residential and commercial waterfront property owners in Virginia with over 70 years of collective legal experience. 

Waterfront property owners are often unaware that their actions could incite legal action against them. Waterfront property cases can be very complex, and involve a variety of environmental laws that can be difficult to navigate. Our team has extensive experience with cases  involving the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act, the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, and more. As a result, we’ve gained a deep understanding of environmental law that helps us provide the best possible care when handling different client situations. 

If you are involved in a waterfront property case, or have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our riparian property rights law firm. Our team is  is ready to help you.


Our Waterfront Law Team’s Waterfront Property Case Experience

Our leading waterfront property law team has extensive experience handling a variety of waterfront property cases ranging from sand relocation, crew member injuries, and more.

Potential waterfront property cases may include, but are not limited to:

  • Operating ships in waters populated with marine mammals or endangered species
  • Oil spillage from a tugboat releasing 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel into the water
  • Installing a pool or removing bushes/trees on waterfront property


Recent Waterfront Property Case Victory

At Jim Lang Waterfront Law, we have extensive experience with waterfront property law and protecting our clients’ riparian rights. 

A Chesapeake homeowner was required to pay nearly $30,000 in fines and penalties for hiring a contractor to add fill dirt to his own backyard. He was unaware that part of his backyard contained a protected tidal wetland. The contractor hired our team once the Virginia Marine Resources Commission contacted him, and we were able to convince the Commissioner to drop the case.


Useful Waterfront Property Case Resources

Would you like to learn more about waterfront property cases? We’ve created some helpful resources that further explain your rights.

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Environmental Law: An Oil Spill Could Cost Your Business - March 2016

Acknowledging and managing risk when handling oil is an important business judgment, and there are a variety of consequences without proper preventative measures.


How Citizens' Environmental Lawsuits Can Stop Pollution - September 2015

Learn more about how Citizens’ Environmental Lawsuits can help stop pollution, force clean, and more.


Legal Remedies Available To Persons Who Are Injured Or Whose Property Is Damaged By 94,000 Gallons Of Aviation Fuel Released At Naval Air Station Oceana On May 11, 2017

If you’ve been affected in any way by an oil spill, read more to learn about legal action that you can take.


Environmental Law: The Supreme Court’s Hawkes Co. Decision May Help Save Your Project When Wetlands Are Present - June 2016

Navigating wetlands and the laws surrounding them can be complex, but we go over protocol to avoid any legal consequences.


Environmental Law And The Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act: Where Local Knowledge Is A “Must” - October 2015

Living on the water provides beautiful vistas, opportunities for boating and fishing and other amenities, but a lack of knowledge about environmental law could cost waterfront property owners.


Oil Spills: The Clean Water Act To The Oil Pollution Act Of 1990 - February 2016

If you own or operate a shipyard, it is essential to manage the risks associated with the discharge of oil and hazardous substances. Read more to learn about how the Clean Water Act can impact you.


As Coastal Migration Continues, Waterfront Property Owners Encounter Complicated And Costly Environmental Regulations - September 2015

Waterfront property owners in Hampton Roads are privileged to enjoy the ambiance and a fantastic view, in addition to a highly valuable set of riparian property rights, but there is a complicated web of requirements waterfront property owners must meet.


 Vessel Operations & Environmental Law In The Chesapeake Bay: Endangered Species Act And The Marine Mammal Protection Act - June 2012

The National Marine Fisheries Service lists the Atlantic Sturgeon as an endangered species. Read more to learn about how to handle an encounter with any protected species.


VA Tidal Wetlands Violations In Review From An Environmental Lawyer

Construction on waterfront property may seem harmless, but here are some methods to avoid fines and penalties because of the presence of wetlands.


Protecting Your Virginia Riparian Property Rights & Derelict Vessels

Learn some methods waterfront property owners can use when dealing with derelict vessels on their property.


Criminal Vs. Civil Laws Of VA Tidal Wetlands In Environmental Law

Violating the Virginia Tidal Wetlands Act may lead to criminal or civil action, but in this instance, Jim Lang was able to save his client with a turbidity curtain.


Sandbridge, VA Waterfront Property & New Permit For Sand Encroachment

Waterfront property owners may be dealing with sand buildup, but what’s the best option when limitations are imposed by the Virginia Coastal Primary Dunes and Beaches Act? Our waterfront law firm has the answers.



We Protect your Waterfront, Maritime, and Environmental Rights

  • 30 years of experience

  • We win cases for our clients

  • We live and work in Virginia

  • We are members of waterfront trade groups


Waterfront Property Case Client Testimonials

Our Waterfront Law team is here to help with your waterfront property case. We’ve worked with clients across Virginia to protect their riparian, maritime and environmental rights.


"Thank you so much Bryan Peeples, attorney for Pender and Coward for representing my company in a legal matter. The situation was handled in a timely, professional way and we are so happy with the positive outcome!! We would highly recommend Mr. Peeples and the firm of Pender and Coward to anyone needing sound, legal representation. Great job!!!"

 - Gary S.

"Jim Lang, of Pender and Coward, has been invaluable in his research, investigation, and communication between agencies, regarding our environmental issues. My husband and I were a bit wary of lawyers, but did not have the expertise to tackle this problem. Jim turned out to be a very happy surprise and a most comfortable fit. We would recommend him and his firm to anyone who needs legal assistance."

 - Linda F.

"Hi Jim and Jeff, Yay!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! . . . I can't tell you how relieved I am and how much I appreciate your efforts on our behalf! . . . Jim and Jeff, we always were confident that we found, not only the right attorneys in you, but also true advocates for our case. Thank you so much for your diligence and for the thoughtful and thorough way you represented us!"

- Mary S.

"Our homeowners' association originally hired Pender & Coward to represent us in our bid to obtain additional pier slips for our community pier located on the Potomac River in Lorton, Virginia. Even though we live in Northern Virginia, and he is located in Virginia Beach, Jim Lang came highly recommended as an expert in riparian rights. Suddenly and unexpectedly a resident and member of the homeowners’ association who did not have one of our boat slips assigned to him sued the association to take away everyone’s boat slip. Pender & Coward rose to the occasion. Jim brought in another excellent attorney from the Pender & Coward Waterfront Property Law team, Jeff Wilson, and together they tackled every motion and demand the other side threw at us. They are brilliant. They know the law inside and out. They are kind, forthright, tireless and masters in the courtroom. The distance they traveled to court was never an issue and compared to legal rates in Northern Virginia, we saved a considerable amount of money. Best of all, after a hard fought three-day trial in Fairfax County Circuit Court...we won!"

 - Ann Poloncak

"Jim Lang has been working with us for two years dealing with a host of complicated issues stemming from our Northern Virginia location on the Potomac River. Jim, Jeff Wilson, and the Pender & Coward team have represented our Home Owner's Association and then members individually as the issues became increasingly complicated. What started as our collective interest in securing additional slips for the community pier turned into a series of disputes with a disgruntled member of the association. Claims of contract violations, trespassing, easement disputes were thrown at the association and the individual homeowners in a relentless series of hostile actions spanning the two years.

Throughout this legal morass, Jim and Jeff dealt with one novel issue after another with skill and aplomb, staying ahead of the plaintiffs at every legal turn and keeping us informed and calm during what can only be described as a community-wide nightmare. Watching Jim, Jeff and the other Pender & Coward attorneys and support staff perform gave us the confidence that in the end we would prevail.

AND WE DID! Every important issue was decided by the court in the community's and homeowners' favor.

This whole episode was clearly an attempt by a homeowner experiencing buyer’s remorse to bring the association to its financial breaking point so that the merits would not be the deciding factor in the final outcome. Jim was mindful of our financial limitations and did everything possible to minimize legal costs. Pender & Coward also worked with the association’s insurance company to reimburse the bulk of our defense fees.

Thank you Jim and Jeff. You are great lawyers and great people."

- Jim and Wendy M.


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