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Mancha Stanton, WLT, accepts the River Star Business Volunteers of the Year award

Waterfront Law Team Recognized as River Star Business Volunteers of the Year

November 23, 2022 | In The Community

On Saturday, November 12th, the Waterfront Law Team was thrilled to attend the first annual Elizabeth River Start Biz Volunteer Appreciation Party hosted by the Elizabeth River Project. Our team was able to grab a pint at Smartmouth Brewing in Norfolk, catch up with ERP staff members as well as fellow volunteers and enjoy the live music all in an effort to recognize the efforts of ERPs volunteers.

"This year, we have rewarded Pender and Coward as 2022 River Star Business Volunteers of the Year. P&C stay involved in our volunteer programs year-round, whether that be assisting park staff at Paradise Creek, or joining me for a litter cleanup. In June, they organized another successful "Restore the Shore" litter cleanup at Riverside Memorial Park where 15 associates picked up 1,200 pounds of trash from the shoreline. Thank you, Pender and Coward, for your contributions and dedication to helping us create a cleaner and healthier river for all," said Kayla Gradwell, Volunteer Coordinator, The Elizabeth River Project.

We were honored to receive the first annual Elizabeth River Star Business Volunteers of the Year. The Waterfront Law Team, just like the Elizabeth River Project, is committed to restoring the Elizabeth River to the highest practical level of environmental quality through government, business, and community partnerships.

River Star Business Volunteers of the Year award

If you are interested in supporting our friends at the Elizabeth River Project, either through a cleanup or through a financial donation, please visit here.



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