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Waterfront Law Team Attorney Bryan Peeples to Participate in Upcoming Riparian and Waterfront Property Rights CLE Seminar

April 17, 2024 | Quick Takes

Trusted riparian property attorney Bryan Peeples will be a presenter at an upcoming Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Seminar on the topic of Virginia Drainage, Riparian and Groundwater Rights. This event is for VA land surveyors, civil engineers, geologists, and attorneys.

Hosted by Half Moon Media, this live, interactive webinar will take place on June 26th and focus on Virginia drainage rights, Virginia riparian / littoral boundaries and access rights and Virginia groundwater rights and access.

To learn more about the event and complete your registration, click HERE.

A Lifetime of Maritime and Admiralty Law Knowledge as well as Riparian Property Rights Expertise

Bryan Peeples comes as an experienced riparian rights attorney with a career serving as a Naval Officer. While serving, he spent much of his time at sea and developed a cohesive understanding and strong passion for the maritime environment. He has built a legal career around his passion and has built a rapport with community members by providing resources and articles that cover a range of Virginia aquaculture law topics, The Virginia Primary Sand Dune and Beaches Act, The Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act, and Virginia Tidal Wetlands Act.

He looks forward to helping Virginia clients who live, work, and play on the water.


About The Author

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Bryan protects waterfront (riparian) property rights. His focus is Virginia aquaculture and maritime law, including the Chesapeake Bay Preservation Act; the Virginia Primary Sand Dune and Beaches Act; and the Virginia Tidal Wetlands Act. Contact Bryan at (757) 490-6283 or bpeeples@pendercoward.com.