TB & Jimmy Entas, Volunteer Of The Year, ERP
Tom Berkley, WLT & Jimmy Entas, ERP Volunteer of the Year

Waterfront Law Team Assists Elizabeth River Project to Install Living Shoreline

May 1, 2023 | ln the community

Last month, members of the Waterfront Law Team volunteered with the Elizabeth River Project to install a living shoreline that will serve as a buffer for flooding and create more habitat for river critters.

“On April 10th, Tom Berkley joined our restoration team in Norfolk to help build the newest living shoreline along the river. Between him, the staff, and the rest of the volunteers that day, they moved 40 tons of sand! This sand acts as a stabilizer for the shoreline and creates room for wetland grasses to be planted in the next month. Wetland grasses help combat flooding, erosion, and serve as habitat for many of our river critters. Thanks, Tom, for your terrific efforts that day and for doing something beautiful,” said Kayla Gradwell, Volunteer and Education Administrative Coordinator, The Elizabeth River Project.

Thanks to the team’s efforts, approximately 40 tons of sand or two truckloads were moved. The sand was moved for two reasons. The first is to stabilize the shoreline. Did you notice some people, when they went out too far, would sink in the mud? The sand will build a base layer for planting and placing oyster castles. The second is to gain elevation for the grass to be planted. Spartina alterniflora, the lower marsh grass, likes to be in the tide, but not always. If they are too deep in the tide, their roots won't dry and will rot. A gentle slope of about one inch is also needed in elevation for every ten feet out. Additionally, the existing stone was moved under the shoreline and specifically out to the edge of the shoreline to help stabilize the area under the castles.

Interested in volunteering with The Elizabeth River Project? Click here to learn about their litter cleanup and restoration volunteer opportunities.

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