River Stars 2020 Saluting Environmental Stewards On The Elizabeth River

River Stars 2020: Saluting Environmental Stewards on the Elizabeth River

February 6, 2020 | Quick Takes

Waterfront Law Team Recognized for Service

On January 23, the Elizabeth River Project held its Luncheon to salute businesses who are stewards of the Elizabeth. Jim Lang and the Waterfront Law Team represented Pender & Coward, which was recognized as a “River Star” business at the event. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam was the guest of honor.


Cleaning up the Elizabeth River

The Waterfront Law Team has been volunteering to clean up and restore the Elizabeth River since 2016. In 2016, we organized a community-wide clean up event near the Campostella bridge after derelict vessels were removed. In the years since, we routinely spend our time - in all types of weather - removing debris from the shoreline all along the Elizabeth River.

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam at annual River Star Awards


About River Star Businesses

In 1997, the Elizabeth River Project began its River Star business program. It is free for any company in the Elizabeth River watershed, and these organizations strive to “do right by the river.” Over the last two decades, River Star Businesses have created or conserved over 1,800 acres of wildlife habitat, reduced pollution by 356 million pounds, and reduced and/or recycled more than a billion pounds of other materials.


The Waterfront Law Team is proud to be part of a great organization that is committed to preserving the Elizabeth River. To learn more about our team, feel free to contact us here.

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