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Planting Trees Improves Climate Change

July 8, 2019 | Quick Takes

Here is a link to news report on the study that says re-foresting 3.5M square miles (about the size of the U.S.) removes an amount of heat-trapping carbon dioxide from the atmosphere equivalent to all of the carbon released by humans in the last 25 years. By using Google Earth the researchers found that there is enough area available on planet Earth to support a re-forestation project of this size. The author of the study says that “This is by far – by thousands of times – the cheapest climate change solution.” Other strategies are to cut emissions or to have people switch from meat eating to vegetarianism. Our law firm, Pender & Coward in Virginia Beach, Virginia may not be able to cut emissions or change the food preferences of an entire population so we decided to mark our 130th anniversary by donating and planting 130 trees in Southside Hampton Roads, Virginia through a firm-wide Tree Canopy Community Service Project.

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