Jim Lang Indian River Park

Clean the Bay Day at Indian River Park

June 1, 2019 | In The Community

Leading Virginia Waterfront Law Team in Action at Clean the Bay Day

Our Waterfront Property Law Team was pleased to have arranged for Pender & Coward to sponsor the Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s 31st Annual “Clean the Bay Day”. This is a day when thousands of Virginians simultaneously descend on the rivers, streams and beaches of the Chesapeake Bay watershed to remove harmful litter and debris. Rain (and some lightning) greeted the four Attorneys on our Waterfront Property Law Team, the other Pender & Coward Attorneys, Paralegals, and Family on arrival at Indian River Park in Chesapeake Virginia.

This 80 acre urban forest got its start in 1904 when a developer donated the land (which had been cleared for agricultural use) to the City of Norfolk for use as a park. Once crops were abandoned, the natural vegetation grew unchecked with the result that this one-mile-by-800-foot parcel now features a canopy provided by 100 year old trees with a diverse understory of native plants and wildlife. A small stream at the south entrance flows north, widens into a creek, and eventually spreads into a swamp before the waterbody leaves the north end of the park and flows into the Eastern Branch of the Elizabeth River.

Our team removed plastic and metal beverage cans:

Indian River Park Picking up Trash

Waterfront Property Team lawyers Tom Berkley, Bryan Peeples, and Jim Lang muscled a large rug out of the creek (with help from others!):

Tom Berkley Bryan Peeples Jim Lang Clean River

Altogether the team cleaned about 200 pounds of trash out of the waterbody:

Jim Lang and Team Cleaning the River
Pile Of Trash

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