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Jim Lang of the Waterfront Law Team Joins the Infrastructure Junkies Podcast to Discuss All Things Wetlands

April 5, 2023

Waterfront Law Team attorney Jim Lang joined the Infrastructure Junkies to discuss wetlands and their effects on a right of way project, infrastructure development or property acquired by eminent domain. Furthermore, the podcast discussed how you define and identify wetlands, why wetlands are important, how wetlands are regulated and potential penalties if one chooses to ignore or disturb wetlands.

The podcast episode has been published to all major podcast platforms (This includes Apple, Google, Spotify, Amazon, etc). A link to the episode on Apple can be found here - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/pendulum-land-podcast/id1526508622?i=1000606256008.

This episode was generously sponsored by Pendulum Land Services, LLC.  A SWaM certified, DBE right of way acquisition company also headquartered in Hampton Roads, Virginia.  Check out their website at Pendulum Land Services.

About The Author

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Jim uses waterfront (riparian) property rights law, maritime & admiralty law, and environmental law to protect Virginians who live, work and play on the water. Contact Jim at (757) 502-7326 or jlang@pendercoward.com.