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Virginia Waterfront Law Firm Cleans Pinetree Branch, Lynnhaven River

February 9, 2019 | In The Community

Our Waterfront Property Law team, joined up with a dozen of our friends at Lynnhaven River Now, plus about ten of our Pender & Coward colleagues, to spend a chilly (40 degree) Saturday morning removing hundreds of pounds of trash from the marsh and the waters of the Pinetree Branch of the Lynnhaven River (in Virginia Beach, Virginia). Together, our army of about 30 volunteers spread out to gather up and remove bottles, cans, balls, shoes, cups, all manner of styrofoam and plastic, a tire, a temporary license plate and an endless variety of other trash that people had dumped in this waterway.

Waterfront Property Lawyer Jeff Wilson
Lynnhaven River Now

Waterfront Property Lawyer Jim Lang
Pender & Coward Attorney Kathryn Byler

Two of our Waterfront Property Law attorneys lost their balance in the mud. Bryan Peeples popped right up with some mud on his pants. When Jim Lang went down, the mud suction pulled his foot and leg out of his hip wader. Jim ditched the muddy sock, pulled his hip wader out of the mud and kept right on going.

Waterfront Property Lawyer Tom Berkley
Pender & Coward Lawyer Anne Lahren

Waterfront Property Law attorney Tom Berkley, with help from his twin sons, collected numerous large bags of trash.

Pender & Coward Lawyer Kathryn Byler
Pender & Coward Lawyer Anne Lahren

Our Waterfront Property Law team, and the entire Pender & Coward family, is very glad to do our part to help Lynnhaven River Now accomplish its mission . . . “Restoring Virginia Beach Waters”.

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