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Working with Lynnhaven River NOW to Cleanup Hutton Circle Launch

February 25, 2021 | In The Community

Coldest Cleanup on Record at Hutton Circle Launch

On Saturday, February 20th, members of our Waterfront Law Team participated in a local waterway cleanup event with our nonprofit community partner, Lynnhaven River NOW. Jeff Wilson, Bryan Peeples, Abigail Wilcox, Mancha Stanton, and Page Simpson, a guest of Mancha's, all came together to clean Hutton Circle Launch for two hours for the coldest cleanup on record, a balmy 38 degrees. A total of 493 pounds of trash was collected, consisting of a tire with the hub, a computer, a door, a shopping cart, a podium, bottles, cans, and styrofoam. All was removed from the marshes to prevent any harm to the habitat and wildlife. The steep bank along Virginia Beach Boulevard was thoroughly cleaned as well, preventing hundreds of pounds of trash from washing into the Eastern Branch of the Lynnhaven River.

"Great job by the crew last month. 493 pounds including a tire with hub, computer, door, shopping cart, lawn mower, and a podium," said Vince Bowhers, Pearl Business Coordinator for Lynnhaven River NOW. "Abigail jumped right into the marsh with tall boots and pulled out bags of cans, bottles, and styrofoam. The rest of the crew cleaned the entire shoreline, streetside, retention pond, and drainage ditch. It is the cleanest Hutton has ever been. Many thanks to the WLT!"

More About Lynnhaven River NOW

Nonprofit organization, Lynnhaven River NOW is committed to cleaning the Lynnhaven River watershed in Virginia Beach. Their community outreach and cleanup events have had a positive impact on the environment, and aim to provide everyone with clean water access and space for recreational activities. We're excited to work with Lynnhaven River NOW to continue to improve Virginia Beach's waterways.

If you would like to learn more about Lynnhaven River NOW and their monthly events, please visit their website.

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